Video SEO and Video in Your Website

Launfal Aerial Green Grass CopyVideo SEO is SOOO important these days. Why? YouTube has been consistently overtaking most search engines including Yahoo and Bing in terms in the number of daily searches. With that being said, one can see the importance of adding video to your website from a search ability perspective through video SEO. So lets talk “Video In Your Website – 5 Keys to Video SEO”. It is wildly important to keep fresh, high-quality, interactive content on your website and it’s important to understand how to make that content work to your SEO advantage. Since we are video crazy over here, we swear by the power of video content and the immense benefits video SEO has for your site, your brand and your business. But the trick is to know exactly how to implement it correctly.

The formula is simple. Provide video content on your site that search engines favor, and they will boost you up the rankings. And with Google owning YouTube, video is one of the best form of googlejuice you can create these days. It is why you see videos listed on the first page of Google all the time. So you get it, using video is good for SEO, but how can you get biggest bang for your buck with video? Here are some simple, solid tips that will help ensure that your new video boosts your web traffic through awesome video SEO:

1. Keywords in the label: After you upload your video to your website, make sure that you tag the label the video the same way you would a blog or any other content on your site.
2. Describe and tag your video with relevant keywords. Think of the terms you would want someone to search in order to find you online and tag your video with those terms.
3. Use the same keywords in the file name and url of your video link.
4. Link to your video from other pages in your website using a descriptive link.

YouTube uses a lot of different and effective criteria to determine how to rank videos so video SEO is a little different than typical SEO. Number of views the video has, if the video has been ranked by viewers, the number of comments the video has, the number of times the video was shared and the number of times your video has been embedded in other viewers’ sites just to name a few of the most important. Use social media sites, email blasts, whatever you can to increase views to your video and you will increase your web traffic.

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