hotdogNowadays it is not proprietary and secret information … incorporating video into your online marketing strategy is the latest and greatest AND MOST EFFECTIVE way to market. Video marketing engages the viewer, brings about more interest in your website and uses visuals to draw people in. Video marketing allow gives you more opportunity to get creative and unique with the material you choose to show. On the other hand, video SEO is an entirely new animal and one more thing you have to conquer.


We at Invizion Video we have shot thousands of videos. From event videos to how-to videos, real estate videos to corporate videos, we have done it all. Fortunately, video SEO is similar throughout all videoscape and doesn’t have to be a difficult new task each time. You will find that it isn’t all too different from the type of optimizing you currently do for your content and your website. Once you understand and master the benefits of video SEO, you will see it is more than worth it.


Ways to Improve Your Video SEO

Once Invizion Video has shot your video for you, it is best to get it up on YouTube, Vimeo, and your website. The more places it can be found, the more eyeballs will get to it and the better off you are. YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world is a great place to start because it’s easy, free, and you can track the views to see if it is actually being effective for you. In the beginning, it is just easier to rank on YouTube because of titles and tags, but over time, your website will rank higher and be stronger due to videos posted on it.


For all intents and purposes, lets say you are going the YouTube route for now. There is a myriad of criteria the YouTube algorithm looks at when it comes time to rank videos:


How often the video has been viewed.

How long someone views the video.

How often the video appears in a person’s playlist.

The number of positive rankings/comments.

The number of subscribers the creator (you) has.

How often the video is added to a playlist.

How often the video was embedded on the web.


So how do you produce a video that has a good number of these factors? Make it relevant to your audience, all the while you are making the YouTube Gods happy. How, you may ask? Here are the 3 top video SEO tips we always follow:


Use Keywords.


Keywords are the easiest and most common place to start when it comes to video SEO. Just as with a traditional content, you want to tell the spiders what your content is about, and who you want to recommend it to. Don’t go crazy with keywords, stick to the KISS theory. Don’t get too imaginative a creative, it will get lost in translation … literally. Sit down and think, what are the top 10 things you would want people to Google to get to you. Make sure they are common words and then run with them.


Of course, part of using keywords for optimization is doing a little bit of keyword research, because certain keywords lend themselves to ranking well on both YouTube and Google, and those are the ones you want to find. For example “cute puppies” are something everyone wants to see, and Google knows that when people type this in, they want to see videos of puppies romping in the grass or playing with babies rather than an article on why psychologists think our brains find puppies cute. So the long and short of it is … when choosing a keyword that works for your video on YouTube, do a quick check to see if Google is putting video results for that keyword on the first page. If so, you’ve picked a good one.



Don’t Skip the Description.


It’s important to know that there aren’t little YouTube minions at YouTube HQ actually watching your video and deciding how to rank it, so the content you provide is what the YouTube bots will use to determine the contents of your video. Your description is your chance to add a good amount of text and make it really count. Utilize your keywords here, it will give you the double whammy effect.



Include Tags.


When it comes to video SEO, tags do matter. The use of key phrases and keywords is another way to let the bots know how your video should be categorized. Go back to the “10 things you want someone to Google to find you” and reference your video. Think like the person on the other end of the keyboard. What would they be searching for to find you … use those terms as additional tags for your video.



If it is all a little too much, we understand and we love video SEO. Let us help you with the dirty work and you can get back to what you love.