Video in Real Estate

HD Video in Real Estate

Video in Real Estate… Dominate Your Market

We all know them, the mundane, average virtual tours you commonly see on a typical real estate site. The motionless, lifeless virtual tours that offer a distorted view of a room through fish eye lenses or major saturation. The virtual tours that are supposed to “simulate” movement and the flow through a property but leave you unsure how rooms connect and needing more information. When was the last time you walked into a room, stood in one place and became fixated on one thing? Don’t you walk in, scan the entire space from ceiling to floor, wall to wall and take in every nook and cranny?

With few exceptions, common virtual tours used by Realtors® are usually distorted, a tad blurry, and almost always unrealistic. Not to mention, these are the exact same photos your client just saw on the mls simply placed into a software system and set to music. When it comes to virtual tours, we are less than impressed, and your client probably is too. And the icing on the cake… you are showcasing a technology that is over a decade old. Yikes! So what is the answer? … Video in Real Estate!

At Invizion Video we are equipped to provide you with the ultimate marketing tool. One that will make a lasting and effective impression not only with your clients, but on the search engines as well. With our live, HD video property tours, we don’t distort your property or leave it flat and lifeless. The tour flows naturally, just as if you were walking the property in person. Realtors®, isn’t it your obligation to the seller to get as many eyeballs on the home as possible? Video in real estate is the quickest, easiest way to do just that! You can see the exact layout, how the rooms connect to one another, and feel as if you were actually in the home walking up and down the hallways, the stairs, and drive through the neighborhood. It is like you are watching the home on television.

According to NAR, over 90% of people start their home search online before contacting an agent. What will set you and your listings apart? A flat set of pictures set to music or an impressive video showcasing the swaying trees, bubbling water features, serene gardens, dynamic aspects of the kitchen and uniqueness or sprawling layout of the living spaces? An HD video tour of your home shows off the property with immense visual and emotional impact. We believe that creating an emotional connection increases the odds of you being contacted by a potential buyer to set up a personal showing. Step up your marketing program by offering the BEST tool out there, an online, HD video tour! The difference is clear! Why stand in place when you can view in full motion VIDEO? Video in real estate, it’s here… it’s now… it’s time!