Small Business Videos

Small Business Videos

Small Business Videos. You Need Em, We Can Help.

So you understand the power of small business videos, you have even taken the first step and created one, but now what?  Where do you share it? Does it go on your website? Should you email it to family, friends and clients? Do you tweet it and put it on Facebook? Truth be told, the more eyeballs to your small business video, the more it will climb in the rankings. So share it everywhere!

The easiest way to get the video going is by publishing it on your social media sites like Facebook.  This is a platform where you already have the attention of clients, friends, family, and prospects, so share your new video and ask for feedback. Everyone has an opinion, and most everyone likes to share theirs. This will encourage them and give them purpose to watch your video. Next, encourage them to share your video with their friends and family and soon your video has been watched by eyeballs all over the country and all you did was upload and type in a few words. Pretty cool, huh? Starting to get the ease of video in business and how it can benefit you with little to no effort?

Next, turn to YouTube (As the commercial states… “Thanks Captain Obvious”… ) But video with no YouTube is like bacon without eggs, Ren without Stimpy, cheese without wine, left without right… Get it? You have to get your small business videos on YouTube!  We won’t bog you down with all the stats about video in business and YouTube, you already know them, but YouTube is the number one place that internet users go to watch videos.  (Again, thanks Captain Obvious).

Another place to upload your small business videos, is to your email signature. It is like a talking business card that makes your sales pitch for you! This makes for a great visual representation of your business, builds consumer confidence and adds to your professional reputation.  Yet another way to get views on your video by simply doing, well, next to nothing.

Small business video might seem a little confusing and time consuming, but it can become part of your daily routine when you get the swing of it. Since online video is growing so quickly, you definitely want to add this tactic to your marketing plan, and Invizion Video is here to help. Need us now? Don’t hesitate!