Real Estate Videos

Aerial Video, The Ultimate in Real Estate Videos

The goal is simple and Real Estate Videos helps you reach that goal.

As a general rule, you want to get the most eyeballs to your seller’s home as possible. The answer is straightforward. It’s in the marketing. So what is the most effective marketing medium in real estate these days? We say video … and the sky is the limit!! Not only are real estate videos the hot topic of the day, but aerial photography and aerial videos are taking the Chicago real estate world by storm. Best part for you, reading this article… not everyone has caught on yet, which leads us to the next question. Are you ready to be an innovator in your market? If the answer is yes, real estate videos for your Chicago listings are the way to go.

Marketing differently with real estate videos and aerial video.

Let’s face it, the Multiple Listing Service or MLS is simply not enough these days and as everyone knows, its standard protocol. Flyers and post cards don’t help you stand out, every agent uses them in their marketing presentation. Single property websites are a dime a dozen and are up and out in a flash so they don’t help you grow your brand. When it comes to real estate marketing, HD videos are the game changer and the drone, well, he is the closer. How many REALTORS can say they will market every angle of your home and mean it? Even from hundreds of feet in the air.


We entered the world of real estate videos and haven’t looked back.

We provide clients with a professionally shot and edited real estate video that engages a buyer, helps them mentally move in to the property, draws on their emotions, brings the property to life (instead of lying flat in photos) and tells a story viewers can buy into. These real estate videos are not shot with an iPhone or iPad, (not that there is anything wrong with that) but with professional full frame DSLR cameras and equipment. Canon Mark III’s, and Canon EOS C100’s accompanied by tripods, sliders, microphones, monitors and anything else needed to produce a top notch real estate video, which brings us to the daddy of all cameras in our arsenal. The DJI S10o0. This beast can go over a mile high climbing into the clouds like a homesick angel. But we don’t’ need to get views from a mile high (although it is fun to play around up there) we just need to get the views nobody else can offer and the view no other REALTOR® can offer their clients. With aerial video and aerial photography videos go from amazing to spectacular.With these tools, you can be prepared to knock the socks off your potential clients every time.

Real estate video has turned our clients into rock stars.

Our first handful of clients were those less established in the game looking to compete with more experienced and often more successful REALTORS. Simply showing the seller a sample of the real estate videos we had done would win the seller over every time. We were learning that a big name in real estate can only take you so far. Yes, it is your brand. Yes, it is important. But value… clients want value. It becomes the “What have you done for me lately?” game, and you better come equipped with an answer.

How about on to the first page of Google? Yep, we said it, we promise it, and most importantly… we deliver it. We don’t simply shoot real estate videos that catapult real estate marketing to the next level, we optimize the real estate videos for search engines like Google and YouTube. REALTORS® are in the market to succeed and excel, and those that succeed and excel do so by aligning themselves with those companies and people that provide the best products and services on the market. Well, you are in luck, because you have found us. We are here and established and accomplished and ready. Ready to take your real estate marketing, and you, to new heights – literally. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the footage in our latest projects – the DJI S1000 is amazing in the air. It is $18,000 of pure power that can handle 25 knots of wind and still remain stable without any shake in your footage. We aren’t in it with the amateur equipment, we are in it with the BIG GUNS and they are blazing.