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Video Marketing in Real Estate: Focus on Neighborhoods.

Real Estate Marketing… We love it.

We have been practicing real estate marketing for years. A lot of years. Over a decade. In those years, we have hundreds… no thousands of Realtors with their real estate marketing. But these days, our real estate marketing has a catch. We only help those who recognize that real estate marketing has changed. The ones who understand the old way of flyers, postcards and door hangers just doesn’t cut it anymore. The ones who understand they have to think like a consumer. The ones that understand when people are searching for something, they turn to the internet, not their neighbor or the yellow pages or the mailbox.

As a REALTOR, its time to recognize that more and more of your business is going to depend on your ideal client finding you when they have a need; a need for your real estate services. So part of being successful in today’s real estate market is understanding your phone will ring and your business will increase if you embrace the new concept in real estate marketing: video marketing in real estate. But it goes a little deeper. Once your video is complete, proper video editing, proper video syndication, and more will all be needed. Well, we have some good news… we understand all of that. We can show you how creating video marketing in real estate is good, but getting it to rank on the 1st page of Google and YouTube is great.

Ok… so you are ready to embrace the new aspects of real estate marketing, but there is one thing you may not be aware of. It is more for your client, and less for you, than you may realize. Why? Because people shopping for homes are not just buying a house, they are buying into an area, a neighborhood, a school zone. People don’t fall in love with just the bricks and sticks of a structure, they fall in love with what they get when they live in that specific area. Thus, the lifestyle video is born and is one of the ultimate ways to use video marketing in real estate.

People connect with neighborhoods, right? When people ask you where you live, do you give them your exact street address or the area you live in? Your neighborhood. People will overlook imperfections in a house to be in the area they think is best for themselves or their family. Because we connect with neighborhoods, you can use that to grow your real estate business. How? By creating video marketing strategies that showcase the lifestyle of certain areas, telling a story of how life will be n that area, you can capture an audience and draw them in. In the process, you are appearing knowledgeable, engaging and drawing people in.

Real Estate Marketing Has Changed

Regardless of your thoughts on using video in your real estate marketing, one this is for sure… the way consumers search for houses has drastically changed in the last 36 months.  Before consumers used the internet to search for homes, families would pile in the car and drive by them, peeking in the yard and seeing what you can spot through the windows. But today, people look online and search things like “Homes for sale 60611” or “Buy a condo in Streeterville” or “3 bedroom house in 60654” or “Realtor in Bucktown”. So answer me this… when they Google these terms, looking for you, are you there? Are you at the top of the search engines? Well, the use of video marketing in real estate ensures you are. It lifts you to the top of the search engines and makes you available to your next client at the exact moment they are looking for you. What is better than that?

Creating video content about specific neighborhoods you want to work in will help you dominate that area. With over 80% of consumers starting their home search online, they will find you if you create video marketing content they would look for when they search. People don’t drive neighborhoods looking for their perfect home anymore, today they use Google and search certain areas. If they Googled a specific area and founds this, wouldn’t you think it would spark them to call you?

Chicago real estate agents, we want to help you grow your business through video marketing in real estate. Contact us and start on the path to success TODAY!