Video Marketing Chicago

Video Marketing Chicago

So Invizion Video may be new to Chicago, but it didn’t take us long to fall in love with this @ Properties 3 Bedroom Roscoe Village Penthouse. After shooting this amazing property with gorgeous Chicago skyline views we realized how much the area has to offer! With dozens of home-grown eateries offering a variety of fares from Thailand to Italy, local pubs and funky wine bars you are never at a loss for something fun to do. Because Invizion Video’s staff has a gaggle of budding future videographers, we were in love with all the baby boutiques, kids shops, parks, playgrounds and wonderful schools! Simply walking down the street, we were met by strollers and families every step of the way.

@ Properties 3 Bedroom Roscoe Village Penthouse

This @ Properties 3 Bedroom Roscoe Village Penthouse is  just steps from tons of shops that will never leave you bored. Whether you are looking to shop the latest clothing trends, feeling a bit artsy, or simply need some fresh groceries, everything is just blocks away (not to mention the recent addition of Marianos). It is the perfect neighborhood and property for a family or those on the go.

This property is great for those just looking to relax. With a private Roscoe Village rooftop deck, you can have beautiful views of the Chicago skyline all to yourself while sipping a glass of wine or cup of tea.

Roscoe Village Realtor Katie Deely with @Properties understands the value of video in real estate and goes the extra mile to promote her listings.  If you are looking for a wonderful Roscoe Village Realtor, Katie Deely at @Properties will help you with all your real estate needs. Whether looking to buy real estate in 60618 or anywhere else in Chicago, she is top notch and gets the Invizion Video stamp of approval.

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