Well, it all depends on whether you really need sales and exposure. If the answer to either of those is yes, then you most definitely need a video production company!


Chicago Video Production Company

Chicago Video Production Company

Businesses are quickly finding that visitors who watch a product video are 144% more likely to purchase that product than visitors who did not watch the video. BOOM!

Susan Weinschenk, a behavioral psychologist in the field of user experience since 1985, has seen the shift and discovered that we rely on a specific area of our brain to tell us to read faces and only then do we decide whether or not someone can be trusted and if we would want to do business with them. DOUBLY WHAMMY!

When polled, over 80% of people say they would rather watch a video than read content … GRAND SLAM!

All of these stats and facts are proving that we have an innate preference for live videos where we are given an opportunity to connect as human beings. Viewers report watching a video to be easier, faster and more effective. That is great news for marketer’s using video (and us as a production company) because your potential customer will absorb and retain information in videos much more effectively than they do by reading simple text or looking at static images in your marketing materials or on your website.

Speaking of websites … videoseo.com, Google, and all the other big SEO gurus know that video content also increase a Website’s SEO ranking and encourage all website contain video. According to Cisco, 87% of internet traffic will be made up of video by 2018!! Now that is a serious stat!

Lastly, you clearly sense the trend, you are reading this! Little tidbit of news for you … Your competition is already producing videos! They have already hired a video production company to stay ahead of the curve. Did you know that 70% of business-to-business content marketers already use video in their marketing strategy? And almost 60% of those marketers rate video as the best way to market their content.

So, what are you waiting for? Invizion Video is your Chicago based video production company ready and willing to help with all of your creative and production services needs.