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Do I Really Need A Video Production Company?

Well, it all depends on whether you really need sales and exposure. If the answer to either of those is yes, then you most definitely need a video production company!

Businesses are quickly finding that visitors who watch a product video are 144% more likely to purchase that product than visitors who did not watch the […]

Video Marketing Without SEO … Like a Hotdog Without Mustard

Nowadays it is not proprietary and secret information … incorporating video into your online marketing strategy is the latest and greatest AND MOST EFFECTIVE way to market. Video marketing engages the viewer, brings about more interest in your website and uses visuals to draw people in. Video marketing allow gives you more opportunity to get […]

Real Estate Video to Enhance Your Business. Niche Video Marketing Chicago

Real Estate Video to Enhance Your Business.

Gone are the days when simply having a strong website would be enough to grow your business and impress your consumer. Starting today and every day onward, real estate videos will be a necessary component for your real estate company’s online presence. It is the biggest, baddest thing around […]

Video Marketing Real Estate: Priceless Lake Bluff Estate

Video Marketing Real Estate
What can you say about this Priceless Lake Bluff Estate? Utilizing Cinematic Video Marketing Real Estate certainly helps it show better! This gorgeous Jameson Sotheby’s International Luxury listing using cinematic video marketing in real estate says it all. Featured by Lake Bluff Real Estate Broker Linda Levin, this gorgeous estate at 733 […]

@ Properties 3 Bedroom Roscoe Village Penthouse

So Invizion Video may be new to Chicago, but it didn’t take us long to fall in love with this @ Properties 3 Bedroom Roscoe Village Penthouse. After shooting this amazing property with gorgeous Chicago skyline views we realized how much the area has to offer! With dozens of home-grown eateries offering a variety of […]

Video SEO and Video In Your Website

 Video SEO and Video in Your Website
Video SEO is SOOO important these days. Why? YouTube has been consistently overtaking most search engines including Yahoo and Bing in terms in the number of daily searches. With that being said, one can see the importance of adding video to your website from a search ability perspective through […]

Real Estate Videos Will Take Your Listings To New Heights

The goal is simple and Real Estate Videos helps you reach that goal.
As a general rule, you want to get the most eyeballs to your seller’s home as possible. The answer is straightforward. It’s in the marketing. So what is the most effective marketing medium in real estate these days? We say video … and […]

Real Estate Marketing. Why Realtors Love Us And Why You Need Us.

Real Estate Marketing… We love it.

We have been practicing real estate marketing for years. A lot of years. Over a decade. In those years, we have hundreds… no thousands of Realtors with their real estate marketing. But these days, our real estate marketing has a catch. We only help those who recognize that real estate marketing […]

Video in Real Estate. Why HD Video Tour Killed the Virtual Tour

Video in Real Estate… Dominate Your Market
We all know them, the mundane, average virtual tours you commonly see on a typical real estate site. The motionless, lifeless virtual tours that offer a distorted view of a room through fish eye lenses or major saturation. The virtual tours that are supposed to “simulate” movement and the […]

Small Business Videos… I Get The Need For Them, But How Do I Share Them?

Small Business Videos. You Need Em, We Can Help.
So you understand the power of small business videos, you have even taken the first step and created one, but now what?  Where do you share it? Does it go on your website? Should you email it to family, friends and clients? Do you tweet it and put […]