We are innovators, instigators and storytellers with a mission to disrupt the
traditional marketing, media and entertainment industries.

We are a creative content marketing and video production company based in Chicago.
Our staff draws on their diverse creative instincts to generate projects that connect with audiences on a myriad of levels. We don’t produce content that audiences simply glance at … We produce 6K Videos, Cinemagraphs, Digital Media and Photographs that make audiences lean forward in their seats, content that generates excitement, marketing that people talk about.
Our latest reel, just a snippet of some of our latest works.
Video Production


We are fueled by our passion for creativity. Our fundamental strength is involved storytelling that is carefully crafted to build your brand and engage viewers.

We’re always interested in new clients, new brands and new challenges. If you fit one of these categories, reach out to us and let’s build something amazing.

Filming Services

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Invizion Video is a one-stop production company based in Chicago that can handle all your video production needs from conception to completion and everywhere in between. You can rely on us to meet and exceed your expectations in quality and capability.
Video Content
Video Content is an influential and strong marketing tool that promotes your brand and bolsters credibility. We have created dynamic products for some of the most revered brands in Chicago and beyond. No matter your scope or budget, we will deliver a product better than you ever imagined it could be.
Creative Services
We are imaginers, storytellers and creative marketers dedicated to bringing your ideas to the screen. Our team provides direction, preparation and helps develop options on where to take your concepts. We are experienced. We are flexible. And we are ready to take on your next project.
Post Production
Editing is where the magic happens and the story comes to life. Our brilliant and accomplished editors breathe creativity and innovation to each project they touch. They will be thoroughly immersed in your project to ensure we achieve your vision and exceed your expectations.
From stimulating initial interest to providing a memorable user experience, cinemagraphs can engage in a myriad of audiences across all demographics. Cinemagraphs are guaranteed to make you unforgettable no matter how big or small your business.
Digital Marketing
It seems people spend more time online than sleeping these days. Therefore, brick and mortar establishments that aren’t on board are struggling against might of digital commerce. The digital train is racing down the tracks, are you on board or watching it pass you by?
Website Development
At Invizion, our websites don’t just look amazing, they perform amazingly as well. From conception through completion, we consider our client’s online needs and strategies and build a functioning, yet fashionable platform around it. Our experience is what takes it to the next level.
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